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A Quick Gourmet Coffee Guide

Gourmet coffee is not like wine, With wine, the longer you leave the better the wine would taste, and the higher value it is. But with gourmet coffee, it’s all about the freshness. If you can try to get coffee beans that have been roasted no more than a week ago. Only buy Arabica coffee if you’re want to learn how to appreciate gourmet coffee.

Finding freshly roasted coffee bean on the shelves of the local supermarket isn’t easy. Chances are, the coffee beans that you’re using today have been roasted at least 3 months back. One way to avoid this problem is to buy the whole bean in batches and grind them with a grinding machine. It’s really easy to grind coffee beans if you’ve never done it before, so if you want to appreciate gourmet coffee this is the best method.

Once you’ve bought the gourmet coffee beans, remember not to leave them out in room temperature. You should store them in an air tight container in the fridge if you’re planning to use it soon. However, if you’re planning to keep then for a longer period of time you need to store the gourmet coffee beans in an air tight container and put it in your freezer.

Having the right grinder for the right brewer is essential. Normally you can use about 2 tablespoons of gourmet coffee powder for 6 oz of water. Adjust the way you make your cup of gourmet coffee according to the way you like to drink your gourmet coffee.

With wine the place where the grapes are grown makes a huge difference. But with gourmet coffee, not only is the origin for the gourmet coffee bean makes a difference, the company that sells the gourmet coffee beans matters too. I recommend that you only buy from reputable companies for gourmet coffee, do some research on the net or ask friends if you’re unsure whether the company is good or not.

One last thing about gourmet coffee – learn to enjoy it, appreciate the smell, love the taste, experiment with it and you’ll soon find the wonder of gourmet coffee. If you’re hurrying off for work in the morning you can certainly forget about gourmet coffee! If thats the case, just stick to instant coffee.

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