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Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Diet

If shedding a few pounds has been a constant struggle for you or you suffer from so many aches and pains, then it is time to consider going into fruit and vegetable diet. Unlike many fad diets, eating fruits and vegetables as replacements for meat, bad carbohydrates and fats, will allow you to loose those unwanted pounds slowly but surely. The chances of rebounding and ending up bigger than when you started your diet, are less as compared to subjecting yourself to crash diets.

Eating fruits and vegetables will make you feel fuller and thus, will prevent you from sneaking to get a midnight snack. It will also gradually lessen your craving for sugar thus is beneficial for your blood glucose level. Fruits and vegetable are rich in fibre, which helps clean you system, making you feeling livelier than ever.

To get the maximum benefit from fruits and vegetables, eat them fresh and raw. The ideal amount of fruits you may consume in one day are two servings of 80 grams each. This is equal to approximately one medium apple, orange or banana or three tablespoons of chopped, cooked or canned fruits. For total enjoyment of eating fruits, try experimenting a little. Combine fruits and experience a different taste. For a great fruit dessert, try baking apples or pears, add a little cinnamon and serve hot!

For vegetables, make sure that you balance your diet with red, green and yellow vegetables. Each has its own sets of vitamins and other health benefits. One thing that you should remember that the more colorful the vegetable is, the more nutrients it has. The best portioning of vegetables for daily intake is three servings of 80 grams a day. Try to eat your vegetables raw, this will provide you the maximum amount of nutrients. It is also a good idea to snack on raw vegetables like carrot and celery sticks, its filling and completely healthy as compared to munching potato chips. One way to enjoy your vegetables in a different way is to juice them. Combine carrots, tomatoes and a fruit in a blender and drink your daily dose of pure vitamins.

Following the fruit and vegetable diet will give you only good results and none of the bad. Both can supply your body with all the essential nutrients that are needed for a lively and slim body, a healthy heart and a brighter and disease-free future.

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