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Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods have been known to be more nutritious than non-organic foods. Though there is not much evidence to point a significant difference between the two, nutritionists point out that organic food has higher levels of trace minerals, Vitamin C, and antioxidant phytonutrients.

As for the counterpart, it does contain the same nutrition but of lower levels and traces of pesticide and other chemicals. These could prove fatal to people with serious allergies of preservatives and certain chemicals and even to newborns. However, allergic reaction symptoms either go away or lessen when the person consumes organic food. Moreover, organic food provides more benefits:

  • Organic food does not contain pesticides. Chemicals used for conventional growth tend to remain on the food we eat.
  • No food additives. To be labelled organic, foods must follow strict guidelines. Part of these guidelines is the ban of food additives, fortifying agents and processing aids which are used in non-organic foods.
  • Nutrition. It contains up to 50% more nutrients than conventionally-grown foods.
  • Tastes Better. This is not sure for the fruits and vegetables. Surveys say that some people find that the taste is stronger and some say there is no difference. But in the case of meat, it’s been said that they do taste better. The animals are let loose to the outdoors where they eat herbs and clover-rich grass. They also get a lot of exercise which is why the meat is less greasy, less fatty and has a better texture.
  • Lessens/prevents allergies and diseases. Some allergies and diseases have been made worse by the chemicals that are left on the food we eat! An organic diet will certainly lower the risks.
  • Better for the environment. Organic farming reduces water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and soil erosion. It increases soil fertility and uses less energy since farmers don’t have to go around once in a while to spray pesticides on the crops. It is also safer for animals to feed on the food since they contain no chemicals that can possibly harm them.

Bottom line is that just by planting organic crops and eating them, we not only save ourselves but also our mother Earth. Why risk the use of chemicals to ensure that they last longer when we can use the healthy alternative? The health benefits alone can ensure you a better life, what more if we reduce the global problems today.

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