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Top Healthy Seafood for You

Seafood is food that we should have a serving of at least two times a week. It is recommended for every person of all ages, whether an active child, a working adult or a retired senior. It is also recommended for mothers who are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Fish is a very good source of protein, iron, as well as vitamin B12 and other trace minerals such as selenium.

Fish can be ranked according to what nutrient they have that are easier to find in fish than in any other fish. That is why healthy seafoods are usually ranked according to the number of omega-3 fatty acids they have. If, for example a fish has calcium in it, you do not need to worry about it because we can find a lot of calcium in milk too. Continue Reading »

Fun Food for Kids

Children are hardest to decide for when it comes to food. They tend to follow the eating habits of whoever they are close to, for example, the family or friends from school. Kids are born curious. They would want to taste what they see but if the person who eats it reacts badly, he/she would likely not want to eat the food.

Because of their fickle minds, it’s hard to determine what their taste buds are craving for. For this week, they might be craving for some fried chicken so you stock up on that but the next week, they are keen on sausages and won’t eat the chicken you’ve cooked especially for them. Continue Reading »

Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods have been known to be more nutritious than non-organic foods. Though there is not much evidence to point a significant difference between the two, nutritionists point out that organic food has higher levels of trace minerals, Vitamin C, and antioxidant phytonutrients.

As for the counterpart, it does contain the same nutrition but of lower levels and traces of pesticide and other chemicals. These could prove fatal to people with serious allergies of preservatives and certain chemicals and even to newborns. However, allergic reaction symptoms either go away or lessen when the person consumes organic food. Moreover, organic food provides more benefits: Continue Reading »

Is Raw Food Good For You?

You might have heard of the raw food diet and is skeptical about the whole idea. Others think that it cannot be good for you as cooking kills bacteria in food and raw food diet are expensive and hard to prepare. These are all debunked myths about the raw food diet.

Eating organic raw food is rich in alkaline which is very good for the body. In fact, the body is designed to take in alkaline to keep it going. It restores the natural balance of the system and can restore the body to its optimum state.

If you are also in need of loosing a few pounds, then the alkaline in raw food will help you to get slimmer naturally. Once you have changed your eating habits and changed into the raw food diet lifestyle, you will notice that maintaining a healthy physique will be effortless. And since raw food tend to fill you more, cravings will no longer be a problem to struggle with. Continue Reading »

Tips for Making Fast Healthy Lunches

You might be one of those people that are tremendously on the go and have no time to prepare your own lunch. Consequently, resorting to greasy and totally unhealthy lunches have become a way of life. By doing so, you are not only compromising your health but this practice can leave a big dent in your monthly expenses.

What you probably do not know is that there are ways to prepare healthy and delicious lunches in no time at all. The extra few minutes that will take to make delicious lunches in the morning, would yield a lot of benefits for you. Think of an energetic and slim body plus extra money you have saved from buying fast food. Continue Reading »