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Foods for People with Diabetes

There are only a few reasons why people are diagnosed with diabetes. It is either genetic, or caused by excessive amounts of sugar. It has since gotten worse because of the dawn of fast food and commercially made food products. Therefore, adding to the list of reasons is obesity or failure to exercise.

Diabetes comes with several symptoms depending on the type of diabetes you have. Those with type 1 diabetes often experience fatigue, nausea, vomiting and weight loss (regardless of their increase in appetite). Type 2 diabetics don’t experience many symptoms but they do, such as fatigue and blurred vision. Continue Reading »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s been said that people who usually skip breakfast have problems with concentration, metabolism and weight. Skipping breakfast can cause your blood sugars to be low; therefore you would be craving for something sweet and unhealthy which will ruin your metabolism.

Breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’. After a long night’s sleep, you need to refuel your empty stomach and the best way to do that is by eating a hearty and healthy breakfast. The vitamins and minerals present in the meal alone can power you through the whole day. Continue Reading »

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

You may think that going vegetarian is a one time solution to loose all unwanted weight and turn around a medical condition. What you might not know is that there are some facts that are crucial to know before finally deciding to go vegetarian.

First, you have to define what kind of vegetarian you want to be, and most importantly, you think you can be. A real vegetarian includes dairy and eggs to their diet, and some even fish. But a vegan is someone who strictly eats plant produce, not dairy or eggs and even feel that honey is not allowed, too. The other kind is flexitarian, these are people who only reduces their meat intake but does not completely eradicate them from their diet. Continue Reading »

Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

If you have tried all kinds of diets and taking slimming supplements to no avail, may be it is time to try your hands on raw food diet. Forget about fad diets that are hard to stick to and may actually be very bad for your health.

The raw food diet is changing the way your eat for a better you. It is not a fad diet, which may result in a really bad rebound that can end you in a worse situation that before. As hard as it is to believe at first, it can actually be the most delicious and fulfilling meals you ever had. The concept of this diet is taking in food on its purest form. Devoid of any additional fat, salt and sugars that are culprits in many of the killer diseases that are so rampant today. This diet will give your body all the good carbohydrates, protein, good fat and nutrients which will not only make you slimmer but promotes optimum health benefits. Continue Reading »

HCG Vegetarian Diet

The HCG ( human chorionic gonadotrophin) Vegetarian Diet basically consists of hCG shots and a calorie intake of only 500 calories a day. It might be astonishing to comprehend at how people can survive with this amount of calorific energy a day, but this diet works on the principle that during the diet phases, the body makes use of its stored fat to give energy to the body and at the same time, be able to loose the excess weight.

The expected amount of weight that can be lost in a day is at 1-2 lbs. Many have been skeptical about the safety of this diet due to the rapid weight loss yet it was explained by Dr. Simeon, the person responsible for this diet, that it is totally safe.

The HCG shots mobilizes the stored and stubborn fat while the body is programmed to starvation mode due to the 500 calorie restriction. The body then will utilize these stored fats for energy. Continue Reading »