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Food Ideas for a Picnic

What better way to get together and eat as a family than have a picnic in the great outdoors. It’s a new way to spend some quality time with them and let go of all that stress and tension you are all getting from school or from work. Besides the place for the picnic, the problem we all face is the food we’re going to bring. Adults and children crave for different tastes. While adults might crave for that sour or spicy tang, the children would want something sweet.

To solve that problem, the food to be packed must be enough to fill each and every stomach of the family. They must be portable, can be eaten whether it is still hot or turned cold. And of course, preferably, it does not need to be eaten using cutlery. It’ll just weigh down the basket.

1. Quiche. A baked open pie made from eggs and milk or cheese. It is filled with chopped meat, vegetables and cheese and may include some bits of tomato.

2. Club Sandwich, the favourite picnic snack. It is portable and easy to make. You can use wheat bread; add some bacon, lettuce and tomato plus additional toppings.

3. Salad is an excellent picnic fare. They are healthy and you can decide on any type of salad you want. It is good to share with the family and doesn’t add much weight on the basket. Top it all off with some salad dressing.

4. Fruits are a healthier alternative for candies and ice cream for dessert. Plus, they are naturally sweet so you don’t have to worry about your children complaining if it is too sour.

5. Dips. Sure, it isn’t much but if you bring some bags of tortilla chips and even celery sticks or carrot sticks, the family sure would love a little bit more flavour to them.

6. Fried Chicken. No need for the cutlery! Just use those fingers to munch on the meat. To make it just a tad bit healthier, go for pan-fried chicken. It won’t be too greasy and messy.

7. Of course, we shouldn’t forget some of the juice for the beverage. Try going with fresh fruit juice to get the feeling of the outdoors. Make sure to pack some ice and store them in a cooler so that they’ll stay cool during the duration of the trip and you can feel refreshed when you take a sip.

For a more relaxing time outdoors with less trash and mess, place the food in plastic containers and if possible, get separate containers so that every member of the family have equal share. Be sure to bring some extra in case you lack food.

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