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Foods for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux syndrome is something a person cannot ignore since this causes constant heart burns and nausea. A little insight on acid reflux: it is when acid from your stomach rises back to your esophagus. Most times, they don’t get all the way to the mouth which causes those severe heartburns. It can’t be self treated which is why the right information is important for you to know.

There are two types of refluxes. The first is an acid reflux which means that your stomach contents are too acidic. The second is an alkaline reflux which means your stomach contents are not acidic enough. That is why the daily diet is crucial to the person. Knowing the acidic balance in the stomach by the food they eat is best if you are trying to avoid those refluxes.

Foods allowed for people with acid reflux:
1. Lean meats, egg whites, fish with no fat, chicken breast (skinless)
2. Apples and Bananas
3. Baked potato, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green beans, peas
4. White bread, pretzels, brown or white rice, oatmeal,
5. Mineral water. Mineral water is best drunk for a person with acid reflux because this drink does not contain harmful acids unlike those present in other beverages.
6. Baked potato chips, red liquorice, fat free cookies

But to those with the disease, it does not always matter that you are strict with your diet to avoid those painful heartburns and constant nausea. Sometimes, it’s about the quantity you eat. Acid reflux sometimes happens when a woman is pregnant, a person has asthma, or because of the person’s lifestyle such as smoking and over-eating.

Another thing is a person’s acid reflux is caused by something different from the others which is why making the diet plan is tedious but necessary. Below is a list of common foods that are safe to cross out from your diet list.

These are the foods and drinks that often cause the reflux:
1. High fat foods such as those that are fried, high fat meats and high fat milk.
2. Any drink that is not purified water contains one type of acid in them which may cause a huge imbalance in your stomach. Drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices are best avoided.
3. Fruits that contain citrus acid. A common example is oranges. Grapefruit and lemons have citrus acid present in them too.
4. Sweets such as chocolates, spearmints, brownies and doughnuts which weaken the lower esophageal sphincter muscle – the muscle responsible for pushing down the food into the stomach.

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