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Foods To Eat To Build Muscle

Most people would be surprised to learn that when it comes to muscle building that what you eat is more important than what you do in the gym. In fact, your diet and supplements make up 80% of the muscle building puzzle.

So what are the best foods to help build muscle?

- Lean red meat
- Chicken
- Oily fish (tuna is the best fish!)
- Brown rice
- Potatoes
- Nuts (nuts are high in protein and essential fats)
- Eggs (especially egg yolks)
- Dairy products

But to really get the most out of your workouts you should be using bodybuilding supplements. I recommend at a minimum you use a good whey protein supplement. Whey protein is a Superior form of protein, it’s much better for the body than protein found in chicken, eggs or fish. If you are looking to build muscle you should aim to have about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

You should eat a combination of the above foods spread out over about 6 meals per day. If you stick to a good diet with the food mentioned above and some good supplements you should be well on your way to building some solid muscle!

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