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Fun Food for Kids

Children are hardest to decide for when it comes to food. They tend to follow the eating habits of whoever they are close to, for example, the family or friends from school. Kids are born curious. They would want to taste what they see but if the person who eats it reacts badly, he/she would likely not want to eat the food.

Because of their fickle minds, it’s hard to determine what their taste buds are craving for. For this week, they might be craving for some fried chicken so you stock up on that but the next week, they are keen on sausages and won’t eat the chicken you’ve cooked especially for them.

One food that never gets old for children are chicken nuggets. These bite sized cutlets that often come in forms of animals and letters catch the attention of children. This can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just something to munch on.

Sandwiches never get old. It’s a good snack to bring to a picnic or pack as his/her lunch for school. It’s easy to make and easy to eat. You don’t have to worry of getting your child’s clothes getting dirtied up with this neat snack.

Kids love fast food these days, especially pizza. Pizza can be good for your children. Just add some topping of bell peppers and some hot dog slices. The child can even help out in making the pizza under the supervision of a parent or a guardian.

Children love Macaroni Pasta with all the tomato sauce and the grated cheese. With the calcium-enriched cheese, it can promise your children stronger bones just as if they were drinking a glass of milk. Bits of ham and tomatoes may be added to put some more nutrition in the meal.

For cold days, parents can prepare some Ramen noodles that children just love. Home-made noodles are better since they are healthier than the take-out variety which tends to be high in sodium.

Since children love finger foods because they’re ready in a flash and don’t require utensils, a fun food for them would be Oatmeal cookies. These cookies can be made with whole-wheat flour so that the cookies will be enriched with dietary fiber which is important for the children who have a sweet tooth.

For after school snacks, try some Granola Bars. Just give them this little snack during their homework session to ensure that they are running on a full stomach and are concentrated enough.

With these foods, children can forget all about the unhealthy snacks they like to munch on and replace it with this. It helps them stay strong and have a good supply of energy for the day plus it all taste good so that they would have nothing to complain about anymore.

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