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Why Garlic is Good For Your Health

Garlic is a traditional tonic in many cultures.

In my teens and twenties, I was very aware that one should not eat garlic or onions out of respect for other people (e.g., bosses or potential dates). However, garlic breath does not bother me nearly so much as the foul stenches caused by tobacco use, lazy dental care, lack of exercise, obesity, and / or poor bowel regularity.

I now use a lot of garlic, bought as pre-peeled cloves or dried minced chunks. I frankly like the taste. For those who think raw garlic “bites”, briefly cook in microwave, water, a small amount of oil, or mix in many foods.

Garlic oil from crushed cloves or garlic capsules can heal surface infections, cuts, herpes blisters, and other ailments.

Before you get carried away with pills, capsules, and other sources of concentrated garlic goodness, be aware that the Mayo Clinic says, “Unfortunately, garlic is most effective when you eat it raw and in large amounts.”

I remember reading that Eleanor Roosevelt ate several cloves of raw garlic every day, which she covered with honey, because she hated the taste. The garlic was not the only reason, but she did live a long active life.

Healthy eating is great for you and your family but for extra peace of mind valid life insurance and health insurance should also be considered.

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