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You may think that going vegetarian is a one time solution to loose all unwanted weight and turn around a medical condition. What you might not know is that there are some facts that are crucial to know before finally deciding to go vegetarian.

First, you have to define what kind of vegetarian you want to be, and most importantly, you think you can be. A real vegetarian includes dairy and eggs to their diet, and some even fish. But a vegan is someone who strictly eats plant produce, not dairy or eggs and even feel that honey is not allowed, too. The other kind is flexitarian, these are people who only reduces their meat intake but does not completely eradicate them from their diet.

The second thing you have to know about healthy vegetarian diet is that not because it is eliminating meat products, it means that you cannot gain weight from it. Just like eating meat, if you do not control the portioning and the way the vegetables are prepared, there is still a chance that it can add additional weight. A good portion of a balanced vegetarian diet is half a plate of colorful vegetables, ¼ plate of whole grains and the remaining ¼ for protein rich vegetable derived food like tofu from soy.

It is also very important that a vegetarian diet should give emphasis in replacing protein lost by not eating meat. There are good sources of protein such as tofu and quinoa. If you will be missing the taste and texture of meat, try eating mushrooms, especially the portobello kind and baked tofu instead.

Making sure that you get other proper nutrients is very important to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet. Calcium, zinc and iron are the common deficiencies by vegetarian that did not closely monitor their daily dietary needs. Greens like bok choy is a good source of calcium, spinach and other legumes are rich in iron and soy product and nuts are rich in zinc.

Eating more vegetables and reducing or eliminating meat in a diet can be good for weight management and over all health. But knowing the different vegetable sources of essential nutrients is very important to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet.

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