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Holiday Food Ideas for Gifts

There is nothing like giving gifts to raise that festive holiday spirit. Sometimes though, it is just so hard to shop because of the heavy traffic. Let alone the number of people who would be walking from shop to shop especially in the malls. It is just disappointing when you have thought of the perfect gift but it happens to be sold out.

You would want to give something that can make a person smile, something that he or she can enjoy for them self or share to the family. You would think food. Food is something everyone would want, something to make the season ‘sweeter’. It does not have to be very extravagant. All you need is a few baking supplies and start working.

Number one on the list are ginger bread cookies. That classic cookie with gum drops for buttons can make anyone smile. It is exactly like its original purpose. People in the olden days used to carve out shapes of people out of wood to make snow workers smile as they pass by it. Today, it still lives on but as a miniature version made from dough.

How about something sweet and salty at the same time? Chocolate-dipped pretzels are the choice. These are just plain pretzel sticks you can buy from the supermarket. Dip them in chocolate and you have the choice to add some toppings to it, maybe some sprinkles or some marshmallows then let it harden, simple as that.

During the festive season, it tends to get a little bit chilly outside. Why not give them a gift of cinnamon hot chocolate mix? Just put them in small packs and maybe buy a simple mug and place the package inside. People of all ages would love a hot drink on a cold winter’s day.

Christmas is never complete without the peppermint candy canes children love to taste. Plain candy canes might be found too simple, so add a little bit twist to it. You can dip it in chocolate and let it harden on the candy. These go very well with hot cocoa.

Last but not the least, if you would want something more personalized; why not try making name tag cookies? They are delicious to munch on and very creative. With the name on the cookie, they would surely be thankful that you thought of them and took your time in baking them.

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