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How Obesity Lowers Your Self Esteem?

Being overweight and obese is not only bad for your body, it affects your mind in a negative way as well. Obesity affects children the most and various factors contribute to this such as culture, parents, and how overweight people are perceived by others in that society. Some cultures and societies accept a wider range of weights than others, which has a significant impact on overweight people.

  • Most overweight children suffer from lower self esteem than children who are not overweight. However, this does not cause serious depression of emotional disturbance that is extreme.
  • Children, whose parents tease them about being overweight have the lowest self esteem of all people who suffer from weight problems.
  • It is noted that the amount of weight that is perceived has a greater impact than the real body weight. Some people and children who perceive themselves to be overweight are more likely to be unhappy with their life as compared to others who do not consider themselves to be overweight and are happy with life. Thinking negatively about one’s body and personality can lead to serious emotional problems.
  • It is seen that girls are more disturbed with being overweight than boys. This dramatically affects other aspects of their life.

Obesity leads to low self esteem. Self esteem also leads to obesity. This is a vicious cycle. It can have a devastating effect on one’s life, health and relationships, if not treated on time. The problem of obesity should be addressed with regular exercise and healthy well balanced diet. This will help the obese person to come out of the obesity-self-esteem cycle and start living a healthy life once again. Anyone who is overweight needs help both, emotional and physically. You should not make fun of them but offer help in form of counselling and showing them an effective way of losing weight.

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