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How to Decorate Sports Cupcakes

How to decorate sports cupcakes

* To make turf: Place coconut in zip-top plastic bag. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Close bag and knead coconut by hand until it turns green. Spread on the serving platter.
* To make a basketball: Frost a cupcake with orange frosting, turning cupcake as you go to evenly coat. Using a pastry cone filled with chocolate frosting, pipe lines on the cupcake to look like stitching on a basketball.
* To make a baseball: Frost a cupcake with white frosting. Pipe two arcs on top using the red frosting in the pastry cone. Then pipe the stitches on each arc pressing down as you start to squeeze frosting out and then lifting up.
* To make a tennis ball: Frost cupcake in the “tennis ball” green frosting. Pipe two arcs in white on top.
* To make a soccer ball: Frost cupcake in white. Using the pastry cone filled with chocolate frosting, make a pentagon in the center of the cupcake and fill in with chocolate frosting. Make a line from each of the points of the pentagon out to the edge of the cupcake. At the edge of each of the lines, pipe and fill a triangle shape.
* Place finished cupcakes in a cupcake tree or on top of the coconut “turf” on a serving platter.

Note: Cupcakes can freeze for up to two months.

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