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How to Use Bagged Salad Greens Safely

How to Use Bagged Salad Greens Safely
* Check the “best if used by” date, and of course, choose the one that is furthest from the date you buy it.
* Look through the bag and check for wilted, spoiled or old greens, and don’t buy that bag. When you get them home, don’t wash them. They’re pre-washed and safe to eat. Washing them can actually make them break down faster and become more susceptible to bacterial growth.|
* If you have leftover greens, leave them in the bag they came in.
* These bags are more high tech than they look; they’re specially designed to allow the perfect amount of oxygen and moisture into the bag to preserve the greens still in there.
* Add some protein, some vegetables and a light dressing and you have a ready-to-eat meal in minutes, and you get the vegetables you need.

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