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Is Raw Food Good For You?

You might have heard of the raw food diet and is skeptical about the whole idea. Others think that it cannot be good for you as cooking kills bacteria in food and raw food diet are expensive and hard to prepare. These are all debunked myths about the raw food diet.

Eating organic raw food is rich in alkaline which is very good for the body. In fact, the body is designed to take in alkaline to keep it going. It restores the natural balance of the system and can restore the body to its optimum state.

If you are also in need of loosing a few pounds, then the alkaline in raw food will help you to get slimmer naturally. Once you have changed your eating habits and changed into the raw food diet lifestyle, you will notice that maintaining a healthy physique will be effortless. And since raw food tend to fill you more, cravings will no longer be a problem to struggle with.

The myth about cooking food is better than raw food is also debunked as it is proven that heating food to a certain degree, 118 F, may cause the release of carcinogen substance that promotes cancer, free-radicals and mutagens that are responsible for other diseases like diabetes, arthritis and heart ailments. Plus heat kills or releases the nutrients that are in the food. Eating raw foods will ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of nutritional benefits.

Contrary to what many believe, raw food diet is not expensive. Especially nowadays that there are more produce that are conscious of the healthy benefits of being grown organically, it is now easier and cheaper to stock up on these better alternatives than processed and potentially hazardous food.

Preparing raw food meals are easy and fast, fit for people who are on the go. Since the process of cooking is no longer involved, most recipes are just toss and mix meals that can be prepared in minutes.

So is raw food good for you? Yes, it is. It has all the health benefits that cannot be found in cooked and processed foods, cheaper on the long run as it fills you more and easy to prepare since you do not have to cook anything. Just like any other diet, it takes getting used to at first. But once you see and feel your body respond to the goodness of raw foods, incorporating it into your lifestyle will all come naturally.

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