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Healthy Eating Tips

Why Fast Food is Bad for You?

Fast food is very convenient, quick and sometimes, inexpensive. Say, you are in a rush to get to school or you have an early meeting. Instead of skipping breakfast, you can just buy some fast food, whether it’s in a the form of a drive-thru, a vending machine or 24-hour convenience stores, anything that’s a grab-and-go is fast food.

Fast foods contain what is called ‘trans fat’ or partially hydrogenated oils. These oils make your tummy bulge and with that, it may cause insulin resistance, which is an evidence of developing diabetes. To top it off, these are high in sugar and high in fat so it may cause additional problems to the body. Continue Reading »

Best Foods for Weight Loss

People these days are looking for fast and effective ways to lose weight. When exercising wasn’t enough, they turned to food, the main source of the problem. Although some foods make losing weight difficult, there are foods which we think cause us to gain some pounds instead of shed them. Some may surprise us.

Of course, we can’t deny the power of fruits and vegetables. Eating a meal consisting of fruits and vegetables as the majority enables you to burn 16% more calories. One of the best fruits there are is the grapefruit. Continue Reading »

Foods for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux syndrome is something a person cannot ignore since this causes constant heart burns and nausea. A little insight on acid reflux: it is when acid from your stomach rises back to your esophagus. Most times, they don’t get all the way to the mouth which causes those severe heartburns. It can’t be self treated which is why the right information is important for you to know.

There are two types of refluxes. The first is an acid reflux which means that your stomach contents are too acidic. The second is an alkaline reflux which means your stomach contents are not acidic enough. That is why the daily diet is crucial to the person. Knowing the acidic balance in the stomach by the food they eat is best if you are trying to avoid those refluxes. Continue Reading »

Food Ideas for a Picnic

What better way to get together and eat as a family than have a picnic in the great outdoors. It’s a new way to spend some quality time with them and let go of all that stress and tension you are all getting from school or from work. Besides the place for the picnic, the problem we all face is the food we’re going to bring. Adults and children crave for different tastes. While adults might crave for that sour or spicy tang, the children would want something sweet.

To solve that problem, the food to be packed must be enough to fill each and every stomach of the family. They must be portable, can be eaten whether it is still hot or turned cold. And of course, preferably, it does not need to be eaten using cutlery. It’ll just weigh down the basket. Continue Reading »

Foods for People with Diabetes

There are only a few reasons why people are diagnosed with diabetes. It is either genetic, or caused by excessive amounts of sugar. It has since gotten worse because of the dawn of fast food and commercially made food products. Therefore, adding to the list of reasons is obesity or failure to exercise.

Diabetes comes with several symptoms depending on the type of diabetes you have. Those with type 1 diabetes often experience fatigue, nausea, vomiting and weight loss (regardless of their increase in appetite). Type 2 diabetics don’t experience many symptoms but they do, such as fatigue and blurred vision. Continue Reading »

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