Eating healthy foods can help you live a better life!

Healthy Eating Tips

Fun Food for Kids

Children are hardest to decide for when it comes to food. They tend to follow the eating habits of whoever they are close to, for example, the family or friends from school. Kids are born curious. They would want to taste what they see but if the person who eats it reacts badly, he/she would likely not want to eat the food.

Because of their fickle minds, it’s hard to determine what their taste buds are craving for. For this week, they might be craving for some fried chicken so you stock up on that but the next week, they are keen on sausages and won’t eat the chicken you’ve cooked especially for them. Continue Reading »

Grape Fruit Juice Diet

Exercising and going to the gym wasn’t enough for people trying to lose weight, so they turned their attention to looking for quick weight loss diets. One of these diet plans is known as the Grapefruit Diet or the Grapefruit Juice Diet. This diet has been around since circa 1930 and has been spread by word of mouth, and even in books.

The grapefruit is a very nutritious, low-calorie citrus fruit loaded with vitamin C and Fiber. It is a fat burner because of its low glycemic index (a measure of how much a certain food raises your blood sugar level), high fiber and low calorie nature that reduce insulin levels and make the people who are using this diet feel full. Continue Reading »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s been said that people who usually skip breakfast have problems with concentration, metabolism and weight. Skipping breakfast can cause your blood sugars to be low; therefore you would be craving for something sweet and unhealthy which will ruin your metabolism.

Breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’. After a long night’s sleep, you need to refuel your empty stomach and the best way to do that is by eating a hearty and healthy breakfast. The vitamins and minerals present in the meal alone can power you through the whole day. Continue Reading »

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

You may think that going vegetarian is a one time solution to loose all unwanted weight and turn around a medical condition. What you might not know is that there are some facts that are crucial to know before finally deciding to go vegetarian.

First, you have to define what kind of vegetarian you want to be, and most importantly, you think you can be. A real vegetarian includes dairy and eggs to their diet, and some even fish. But a vegan is someone who strictly eats plant produce, not dairy or eggs and even feel that honey is not allowed, too. The other kind is flexitarian, these are people who only reduces their meat intake but does not completely eradicate them from their diet. Continue Reading »

Holiday Food Ideas for Gifts

There is nothing like giving gifts to raise that festive holiday spirit. Sometimes though, it is just so hard to shop because of the heavy traffic. Let alone the number of people who would be walking from shop to shop especially in the malls. It is just disappointing when you have thought of the perfect gift but it happens to be sold out.

You would want to give something that can make a person smile, something that he or she can enjoy for them self or share to the family. You would think food. Food is something everyone would want, something to make the season ‘sweeter’. It does not have to be very extravagant. All you need is a few baking supplies and start working. Continue Reading »

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