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Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

If you have tried all kinds of diets and taking slimming supplements to no avail, may be it is time to try your hands on raw food diet. Forget about fad diets that are hard to stick to and may actually be very bad for your health.

The raw food diet is changing the way your eat for a better you. It is not a fad diet, which may result in a really bad rebound that can end you in a worse situation that before. As hard as it is to believe at first, it can actually be the most delicious and fulfilling meals you ever had. The concept of this diet is taking in food on its purest form. Devoid of any additional fat, salt and sugars that are culprits in many of the killer diseases that are so rampant today. This diet will give your body all the good carbohydrates, protein, good fat and nutrients which will not only make you slimmer but promotes optimum health benefits.

Cooking food kills or releases at least 50 per cent of the nutrients. So eating food raw will ensure you that you are getting the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients. If you are considering this type of diet, choose organically grown produce to be sure that what you are eating do not contain harmful chemicals nor toxins. This is especially important since you will not subject your food to heat that helps in killing any bacteria.

Besides raw food being devoid of additional bad fats and sugar, most are also rich in alkaline which help in the slimming process of the body. So the longer you stick to the raw food diet for weight loss, the slimmer and healthier you will be.

Raw food diet is also very filling and delicious. If you are not going all vegan, you may eat Sushi or raw tuna. This Japanese dish is so popular world-wide because of its distinct good taste. If you decide to go all the way, meaning vegan, then there are many recipes that you can get online for tasty raw meals.

An good raw meal example is Banana Pancake. All you need are:

  • ripe bananas
  • coconut meal
  • cinnamon

Mix all ingredients to make it into a shape of a pancake then leave it to dry. Its yummy, healthy and will give you enough energy for the day.

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