Eating healthy foods can help you live a better life!

Healthy Eating Tips

The Importance of Nutrition

Maintaining the best health and weight is simply a question of permanently following consistent dietary guidelines. Simply forget everything you’ve read or heard so far about dieting to lose weight and start using the tested “Rule of Fours” method.

Eat every 4 hour
Metabolism that is now working at a more effective level will make you want to eat sooner than before. Having four meals a day at intervals of 4 hours keeps your metabolism moving constantly as it has to continuously absorb, distribute and convert the foods into energy. However, this rule is easier said than done. Planning and preparing your every day meals on the previous night/day is more likely to keep you on course with your diet. If you have not prepared yourself like this you are more likely to give up after a few day. Once you skip a meal, the metabolic processes in the body will slow down dramaticaly to preserve the energy.

This will interrupt the “kick-start” that you’ve been trying to enforce upon your metabolism.

Divide your food into 4 equal sized meals
Now that you should have a pretty good idea of how often you should eat, however, you should also know what to eat and how much to eat of it. Health diets include dividing your every day meal into four parts. Quarter of your food should be protein-rich food including lean meats, yogurt, tofu, fish, eggs and legumes. The second quarter should contain unrefined carbohydrates, which includes various whole grains, pastas, breads and brown rice. And finally the remaining half of your food should consist of fruits and vegatables.

It’s always a healthy choice to avoid any fried foods like crisps, KFC etc… and foods that are known to have high levels of saturated fats. Although it may be acceptable to treat yourself to some special food every now and then but you should keep in mind that the amount of those should be kept to minimum. In fact when it comes to food, you should make sure that everything, even your meal size is best when enjoyed in moderation. Remember to have smaller sized portions, after all its only 4 hours till your next meal.

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