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Things You Should Know When on Atkins Diet

When you are doing the Dr. Atkins diet, remember that you are depriving your body with certain minerals that you body actually needs. Each person reacts differently to it so here are some guidelines that you have to remember when you are doing this type of diet.

Once you start feeling muscle cramps and mental slowness, it means that your body lacks potassium. Don’t gobble on a banana. Instead, take 90 grams of potassium supplements which will work at least an hour after you take them. After that, you’ll be back in shape.

Make sure that you take in enough calories each day, you should consume 8-10 calories per body pound that you have. If you feel weak at this level, it’s safe to go for 12 calories per pound of your body weight.

Avoid low carbohydrate shakes and bars during the induction period. It will prevent you from losing weight. If you feel the urge to take no-carbohydrate chocolates, a small piece per sitting will be okay, but it’s good to read about isomalts so you will know how it affects you. No-carbohydrate based candies also slow down you weight loss process.

It is better to take Slenda than Nutra-sweets (Aspartame). But if Slenda gives you headaches then by all means, take Nutra-sweets.

Your body will need an additional 68 ounces of water every day, however, 100 ounces is a lot better. Water helps in lipolysis and eliminates ketones. You’ll literally pee your fats away when you do this. A ketostix will give you an idea if you need more water. A color will indicate ketosis but any dark color will mean your body needs more water.

Caffeine hinders your weight loss process. This may not be very true to all peoples so check out if you are losing enough weight and if so, then continue with your sugarless coffee in the morning.

As you grow smaller doing the Atkins diet, you gain more muscle and bone density due to the type of food you eat. So even if you look like a size 8 you might want to settle for a slightly bigger size. What’s important, you look slim.

When special gatherings are unavoidable, plan ahead, so you have to reserve your carbohydrates for a few days or weeks depending on the occasion that you will attend.

Once you’ve reached your ideal weight make sure you monitor your weight gain all the time. It’s okay to gain 5 extra pounds from your ideal weight and when you reach this limit, it’s time to focus on loosing again.

The ideal amount of carbohydrates that you take in should be at least 90 grams per day. If you can lower it to 75, it would be a lot better.

Stay away from processed meat, sugar and don’t forget to exercise regularly. Make modifications from time to time and take your supplements regularly. If you notice any uncontrollable weight gains don’t give up. Get back on the saddle and work harder.

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