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Tips for Making Fast Healthy Lunches

You might be one of those people that are tremendously on the go and have no time to prepare your own lunch. Consequently, resorting to greasy and totally unhealthy lunches have become a way of life. By doing so, you are not only compromising your health but this practice can leave a big dent in your monthly expenses.

What you probably do not know is that there are ways to prepare healthy and delicious lunches in no time at all. The extra few minutes that will take to make delicious lunches in the morning, would yield a lot of benefits for you. Think of an energetic and slim body plus extra money you have saved from buying fast food.

Here are some tips on what to prepare for fast healthy lunches:

  1. Sandwiches – Even a child can make sandwiches but you can take it a step further by doing healthy mouth-watering ones. First, use whole wheat bread and spread mustard instead of mayonnaise. Skip the meat cold cuts and opt instead for lean turkey slices. Now load in your lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies you prefer. Now for a twist, put in avocados and taste the explosion of great flavour in your mouth.
  2. Mexican Wraps – This can even be prepared the night before, all you have to do is toss it in the microwave and its ready to go! Use whole wheat tortilla wraps. Put in grilled chicken strips, corn, tomatoes, onions and salsa and ole! You have got your self a yummy and well-balanced lunch in an instant.
  3. Asian Salad – One of the best ways to get a filling meal is to have a green leafy salad. Not only is this great for your body but you can prepare them in less than five minutes. Get a pack of salad greens, boil some shelled shrimps that can be bought in the grocery, add tomatoes and onions, splash a little olive oil and instead of squeezing a lemon on top, try a mandarin orange for a different citrus kick.
  4. Parfait – If you are more of a sweet tooth, try a healthy parfait. Sounds impossible to have a delicious sweet meal that is actually good for the body? Not really. All you have to do is to mix in unflavored Yogurt, crush in some granola bars and slice some bananas, mix and chill. You now have an instant sweet and delicious lunch that is full of vitamins and will give you enough energy to get you through the rest of the day.

Once your body gets accustomed to eating these healthy lunches, you will never crave for oily fast foods anymore. Find yourself to be more energetic and ready to take on the challenges of the day, by having these quickly prepared delicious lunches.

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