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Healthy Eating Tips

Weight Loss Through Balanced Nutritious Meals

The hard part about losing weight is that we try to deprive ourselves with food that we want to eat. Sometimes the food we take in may have too much calories which isn’t utilized right away by the body. As a result, the extra calories we take in are converted into fats for future use. If we perform less activities, the more likely we gain weight. To lose those unwanted pounds we have to understand how our body works so that we can maximize the food we take in.

Crash diets or starving yourself won’t help. It only slows down your metabolism which eventually slows down your body’s ability to burn calories. The technique is to make sure your metabolism stays normal and won’t slow down, then convert the extra fats into energy source so that you lose some unwanted fats. The body burns around 1500 to 2000 calories regularly. That is without any back breaking activities. So if we keep your calories in the 1500 level, our metabolism stays normal and our body will get the extra calories we need for the day from our stored fat. This number should be divided into 5 small meals and snacks a day, where each meal should only be within 300 calories. If you take more in one meal, then make sure the next one will be minimal.

Make sure that you plan ahead of time. The day before, pack the meals that you will eat already. Don’t make your food planning too complicated. Just have a calorie chart with you and determine which ones you will eat at a specific meal or snack time. During your eating time, make it a point to chew your food slowly. Don’t rush yourself when you are eating enjoy each bite you have.

Include in your diet a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals, beans, non-fat dairy products, meats, fish and poultry. Make sure to remove the skin for poultry. Boil or broil your food. Stay away from fried meals or dishes. Make sure that your snacks are packed with vitamins and minerals and avoid snacks that are high on sugar.

Finally, focus on your weight goal. There are instances where your target weight isn’t reached right away, just don’t forget to do a few rounds on the block to burn some extra calories. Your last meal of the day should be at least 6 hours before you sleep. When you observe this guideline, we are sure that you will lose those unwanted pounds for good.

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