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Why Fast Food is Bad for You?

Fast food is very convenient, quick and sometimes, inexpensive. Say, you are in a rush to get to school or you have an early meeting. Instead of skipping breakfast, you can just buy some fast food, whether it’s in a the form of a drive-thru, a vending machine or 24-hour convenience stores, anything that’s a grab-and-go is fast food.

Fast foods contain what is called ‘trans fat’ or partially hydrogenated oils. These oils make your tummy bulge and with that, it may cause insulin resistance, which is an evidence of developing diabetes. To top it off, these are high in sugar and high in fat so it may cause additional problems to the body.

What is more, some scientists say that with the excessive amounts of sugar, fast food has become very addicting. Over the course of the years since the dawn of fast food, the serving amount of their meals has increased. For example, what we consider as small today might have been a size medium to them already.

With the high amounts of sugar and fats per serving, our body starts craving for it. The addiction of people to fast food is as bad as having an addiction on drugs. Fats and sugars cause the change in a part of your brain where it will be hard to say no to these foods.

If you eat too much fast food, you will end up with health problems such as diabetes and obesity, not to mention your higher chances of having a heart attack due to the blockage of the coronary artery from too much cholesterol.

Remember, if fast food consists most of your daily meal, then it is something like killing yourself slowly. If, say you are in a 2,000 calorie daily diet, fast foods take up half of the calories and in just one meal! What is more, you are losing the proper nutrients your body needs to supply an adequate amount of energy in a whole day.

If that happens daily, you may just as well experience the pains of high blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol, weak immune system, imbalance of blood sugar levels and the loss of the ability of your colon to function properly. It puts you in a risk to have strokes, diabetes, heart attacks, and even cancers.

It is okay to have a fast food meal as long as you have it once in a blue moon. It would not hurt you. As long as you accompany it with some exercise, you would be all right.

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