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Why People Become Vegetarians

Many non-vegetarians always wonder what drives people to actually give up meat. Different people have different reasons for taking the plunge. Here are some of the most common reasons why people become vegetarians:

  1. Food Safety – Thousands of people in the United States alone die in food related accidents or tragedies. One of the most common causes is wrong preparation of food, which promoted contamination with the deadly e-coli virus. There are also the scares brought about diseases that are both fatal to the animal and to human. Examples of these are bird flu, foot and mouth disease and red tide. There are also a high number of poisoning from eating bad meat.
  2. Environmental Impact – With the growing concern about the future of the planet, environmentalists have pointed out the large impact made by breeding of large numbers of animals, mainly due to food production purposes. These concerns are about large number of waste, use of antibiotics and water quality issues. There is also massive deforestation happening so that the animals can have a place to graze.
  3. Animal Rights Issue – Some vegetarians are also against animal cruelty. Many abstain from eating animal derived products as a stand against the cruel treatment of the animals before slaughter. example of their issue are how chickens are de-beaked before killing them, about the latent use of hormones to force them to lay eggs and the cramped and poor state of caging. Many feel that it is totally inhumane and sadistic.
  4. Religion – More than half the population of the world is following Hinduism or Buddhism, which are both promoting vegetarianism as a sign of peace and cleanliness. for Jews and Muslims, if there is no available Kosher and Halal meat, vegetarianism is the next acceptable way.
  5. Health Issues – Converting from eating red meat to vegetables can significantly lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and other health related diseases. Many are being more health conscious than ever and being a vegetarian is a step from having a renewed lifestyle. It can also promoted a healthier physique and can help a person avoid obesity.
  6. General dislike of meat – Some people can just not stand the smell and texture of meat. Probably it just like how some people generally don’t like the taste and texture of vegetables.

There are different reasons why people are becoming a vegetarian. It can be because of a cause, religion, health awareness or just plain preference.

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