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Why Raw Food Diet is Good

Raw food, when you first hear it, what comes to your mind is mostly fruits and vegetables. But that is not the case. Raw foods can come in forms of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. Examples of these are sashimi, raw goat cheese, steak tartar, etc. These foods are already healthy but they will be healthier if they were organically grown.

What is more, they will have the same amount of nutrients they have when they were first harvested. Eating them raw, you would receive one hundred percent of the nutrients it has. When you fry, boil, grill, or cook the food in any way, the nutrients will be degraded and the enzymes that come with the food, which can help our body systems, would be destroyed.

For raw food diet, you can be assured that you will lose some pounds. Raw foods have reduced calories and carbohydrates compared to commercially processed foods. If you eat fewer calories, the body will have to turn to the fat stores and make up for the lost calories.

Another reason why you can be assured is that some raw foods have a certain enzyme in them called lipase, which is responsible for splitting the fat in your body. The only reason why even if you eat vegetables with your normal diet and not get thin is because you don’t eat enough vegetables that contain lipase to split up the fats in your body.

People of different nationalities have praised the wonders the raw food diet. All of them state that with the raw food diet, they don’t crave for food in-between meals anymore. What they thought once as a strong addiction to food was just a craving for more sugar.

These people are now satisfied with a life of raw food and exercise. Some have claimed that their sicknesses such as asthma and constant migraines have diminished during their period of dieting. And above all that, a person can eat as much as he or she wants as long as it is raw! All that matters is that the person has a healthy digestive system.

On a side note, for eating raw foods, it may take a while to notice the weight loss. That is because you need to give time to your body to cleanse the digestive system and detoxify it. You digestive system will have to rebuild itself from the damages caused by ‘bad foods’.

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