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Why Should You Try Organic Raw Food?

You might have heard about going organic, may it be from food, beauty products and even clothing. But what is it really? Simply put, anything organic is deprived of any chemicals that can pose as potential harm to the human body and to the environment. These chemicals are used to preserve food, as fertilizers, enhance flavour, alter genetic compositions etc of plants, poultry, meat and dairy products.

Cooking releases or kills more than 50 per cent of the nutritional value of any food. So if you will eat a food raw, you are getting 100 per cent of all its nutrients to your body. Eating organic raw food is the best way to get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and protein to the body without any potentially harmful chemicals. A study in Europe stated that organic raw food has more than 50 per cent more anti-oxidants, which is very good for the body.

Organic raw food are also superior in taste and quality. This is also the reason why many are switching from traditional foods to organic. It is also the reason why the top restaurants are using organic ingredients in their menu. Organic food does not contain preservatives or other altering chemicals that make the taste go bland taste differently.

And for babies, organic raw food is the best option for them. Little do we know that babies are born with at least 200 kinds of toxins and carcinogens in the body. By the time they reach their second year, their bodies contain lethal amount of toxins. By making them eat only organic raw foods, not only are you making them healthier with all the vitamins and minerals, supplying their bodies with anti-oxidants that fight carcinogens but also lessening the amount of toxins in their bodies.

Organic raw food is no longer hard to get a hold of. There are many companies that have become aware of the benefits of going organic. There are many speciality shops that can offer these healthy and environment- friendly alternatives. Its price might be higher than the conventional foods. Yet when you think of all the benefits your body will get from changing to organic raw foods, you are actually saving much more from less chances of getting sick and having to take daily supplements.

It is time to be good to yourself and to the environment, try organic raw food and feel the resutls in no time.

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