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You Scream, I Scream for Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

I don’t eat much dairy, in fact I think that I could give it up entirely if it wasn’t for one thing – Ice Cream!

I love ice cream in all form and flavors. Personally, I don’t like a bunch of stuff in my ice cream, but I’ll eat it with some nuts or fruit in it, just don’t stick any cookies or marshmallows in mine please. But if you want to mix and match and make your own flavor ( virtually ) pay a visit to Ben and Jerry.

A little ice cream history from Wikipedia:

Before the development of modern refrigeration, ice cream was a luxury item reserved for special occasions. Making ice cream was quite laborious. Ice was cut from lakes and ponds during the winter and stored in large heaps, in holes in the ground, or in wood-frame ice houses, insulated by straw. Many farmers and plantation owners, including U.S. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, cut and stored ice in the winter for use in the summer. Frederic Tudor of Boston turned ice harvesting and shipping into big business, cutting ice in New England and shipping it around the world.

Ice cream was made by hand in a large bowl placed inside a tub filled with ice and salt. This was called the pot-freezer method. French confectioners refined the pot-freezer method, making ice cream in a sorbtierre (a covered pail with a handle attached to the lid). In the pot-freezer method, the temperature of the ingredients is reduced by the mixture of crushed ice and salt.

The salt water is cooled by the ice, and the action of the salt on the ice causes it to (partially) melt, absorbing latent heat and bringing the mixture below the freezing point of pure water. The immersed container can also make better thermal contact with the salty water and ice mixture than it could with ice alone.

Ice cream is not all fun and games – it’s a huge business. Not to mention that ice cream seems to figure in more crime then one might imagine. And criminals are even getting into the act of making ice cream.

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By merkley???

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