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About Healthy Cooking Oils

How do you define healthy cooking oils? If it is made from vegetables, is it considered healthy like the vegetables are? Technically no. What is labelled as vegetable oil sometimes ends up just being heavily refined soybean oil. In most instances, these oils end up not being the healthiest choice to make.

Oils such as cottonseed oil, corn oil and the like are mostly composed of polyunsaturated fats. These fats are highly reactive to heat and light. Since we consume them, they tend to be the reason why we get inflammatory internal problems such as heart disease, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

All fats have to be eaten in moderation as they either tend to increase our cholesterol levels more and more. There has to be a ratio followed between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

1. Olive Oil
Olive oil has the power to lower your risks of heart disease and breast cancer possibly because of its high monounsaturated fat content which lowers cholesterol. Extra virgin oil is recommended since this is known to have less chemical toxins present than in ordinary olive oil.

2. Canola Oil
Canola oil is low in saturated fats and rich in monounsaturated fats. It contains an essential omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid which is hardly present in a person’s diet. Canola oil has a very mild taste so it is a great all-purpose cooking and baking oil.

3. Walnut Oil
Walnut oil is best when baking or making a salad. Like the canola oil, it has substantial amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. What is more, they are processed but not added with any chemicals which make them safe and healthy.

4. Sesame Oil
Sesame oil is much like canola oil because it has a very mild taste. You can use it for cooking without increasing your fat budget. In just small amounts, they can improve the taste of your food.

5. Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil is inexpensive and is a good source for good antioxidant vitamin E. It contains most of your daily requirement and can even help lower your cholesterol level. Plus, it does not smoke unpleasantly when you are frying.

It is hard to find healthy cooking oils because most of them are processed and sometimes, to make sure that they will be preserved even in room temperature, they are added with some chemicals that we hardly know about. It is best to consult the nutrition facts which can be found either in their website or maybe at the back of the pack.

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