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Why Raw Food Diet is Good

Raw food, when you first hear it, what comes to your mind is mostly fruits and vegetables. But that is not the case. Raw foods can come in forms of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. Examples of these are sashimi, raw goat cheese, steak tartar, etc. These foods are already healthy but they will be healthier if they were organically grown.

What is more, they will have the same amount of nutrients they have when they were first harvested. Eating them raw, you would receive one hundred percent of the nutrients it has. When you fry, boil, grill, or cook the food in any way, the nutrients will be degraded and the enzymes that come with the food, which can help our body systems, would be destroyed. Continue Reading »

Vegetable Soup Diet

The Vegetable soup diet is one of the healthiest ways to reduce your weight. This diet is planned for seven days which is said to make you lose up to 15 pounds. Soup is a must for all days and everything else can be a variety. In this diet, you have to make sure the other food supplements will be high in fiber and low in fat.

It is best to avoid junk foods and alcohol-based beverages, bread and sugar as they may interfere with the expected results. Besides slimming you down, the goal of this type of diet is to influence your bowel movement and digestion process by the amount of fiber you are taking in. Continue Reading »

Grape Fruit Juice Diet

Exercising and going to the gym wasn’t enough for people trying to lose weight, so they turned their attention to looking for quick weight loss diets. One of these diet plans is known as the Grapefruit Diet or the Grapefruit Juice Diet. This diet has been around since circa 1930 and has been spread by word of mouth, and even in books.

The grapefruit is a very nutritious, low-calorie citrus fruit loaded with vitamin C and Fiber. It is a fat burner because of its low glycemic index (a measure of how much a certain food raises your blood sugar level), high fiber and low calorie nature that reduce insulin levels and make the people who are using this diet feel full. Continue Reading »

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

You may think that going vegetarian is a one time solution to loose all unwanted weight and turn around a medical condition. What you might not know is that there are some facts that are crucial to know before finally deciding to go vegetarian.

First, you have to define what kind of vegetarian you want to be, and most importantly, you think you can be. A real vegetarian includes dairy and eggs to their diet, and some even fish. But a vegan is someone who strictly eats plant produce, not dairy or eggs and even feel that honey is not allowed, too. The other kind is flexitarian, these are people who only reduces their meat intake but does not completely eradicate them from their diet. Continue Reading »

Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

If you have tried all kinds of diets and taking slimming supplements to no avail, may be it is time to try your hands on raw food diet. Forget about fad diets that are hard to stick to and may actually be very bad for your health.

The raw food diet is changing the way your eat for a better you. It is not a fad diet, which may result in a really bad rebound that can end you in a worse situation that before. As hard as it is to believe at first, it can actually be the most delicious and fulfilling meals you ever had. The concept of this diet is taking in food on its purest form. Devoid of any additional fat, salt and sugars that are culprits in many of the killer diseases that are so rampant today. This diet will give your body all the good carbohydrates, protein, good fat and nutrients which will not only make you slimmer but promotes optimum health benefits. Continue Reading »