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Fruits and Vegetables Nutrition

The human being is built of two-thirds water. It demands 8 to 10 glassfuls of water or caffeine-free and alcohol-free liquids to substitute the water it loses during the daytime. The body’s demand for water is fulfilled by the consumption of additional drinking liquids free from caffeine and alcoholic beverages, such as juices; fruits and veggies, which are made of eighty to ninety-five percent water; meat products, which are composed of fifty percent water; and grains like rice and oats, which could carry as very much like thirty-five percent water.

Fruit juices have been scientifically proved to provide specific wellness benefits rendered that they’re consumed in moderate amounts. Dieticians as well advise that fruit juices should be taken in their perfect state, and people should exclusively toast a hundred percent fruit juice. Cranberry juice is considered to avoid urinary tract contagions; grape juice is thought to bring down the hazards of blood coagulate in the heart; and orange juice is considered to forbid cerebrovascular accident and abbreviate the hazard of heart attacks. Continue Reading »

Sweet Corn Receipe for Summer

Summer is here now and one of the most anticipated treats is the delight of enjoying a fresh ear of sweet corn brushed with melted butter. Corn on the cob is delicious, but there’s more than one way to serve fresh corn. Along with the corn harvest comes a big variety of other vegetables and dishes.

When you cut the corn from the cob, the possibilities for preparing corn are endless. You can add it to bread to make a wonderful spoon bread recipe, or a great Southern favorite, corn pudding. Corn combines well with other summer vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. The secret to a great dish is to use the freshest corn available. The less time that passes between the garden and the finished recipe the better.
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Is Fruit Diet Right For You?

These days everyone seems to be looking for a healthy diet. Why? Because there is too much of stress in our lives as a result of which, lifestyles have changed and so have food habits. More and more people have opted for fast food or junk food that does more harm than good. In such an environment, the human body will not get any or proper nutrients and this will lead to diseases or medical problems like cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems etc.
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About South African Corn

South Africa has a very diverse rainfall, allowing many fruits, vegetables and crops to grow throughout the country, all year round. Crops are just one of South Africa’s most important production of food, not only to South Africans, but also the rest of Africa. Of South Africa’s total cultivated area (approximately 10 million hectors), around 36% is planted with maize and 21% has small grains. Oil seeds, sorghum, maize and small grains covers around two thirds of the total arable land.
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Juicing Fruits And Vegetables Can Enrich Your Diet

There has been a growing concern over the rapid deterioration of health among professionals. If you have been living on instant meals for most of you life, you may be subjecting your body to more stress than usual.

It’s high time that you started watching what you eat.

The body needs proper nutrition for it to function properly. For people who are always on the go, incorporating fruit and vegetable juices in their daily meals is one of the many options that they can try. Juicing is an innovation that was popularized to provide an answer to the dilemma of being able to get the most out of vegetables and fruits.
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